Springy, gasket-mounted 65% featuring blue PVD weight and badge, seamless wave profile, and exceptional quality.
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What's included?

  • 1x Anodised 6063 Aluminum Top Piece
    1x Bottom Piece (6063 Aluminum or Polycarbonate)
    1x Polished PVD Brass Badge
    1x Polished PVD Brass Weight
    1x Polycarbonate 1.5mm Flex Plate
  • 1x Blueberry 1.6mm Flex PCB
  • 1x Laser-Cut 3mm Poron Plate Foam
  • 1x Laser-Cut 2mm Poron Case Foam
  • 1x Laser-Cut 0.5mm PE Foam
  • 6x Laser-Cut 2mm Upper Poron Gaskets
  • 6x Laser-Cut 4mm Lower Poron Gaskets
Standardised PCB support

Standardised PCB support

The Blueberry implements plug-and-play PCB support, opting for a more traditional, isolated USB port, similar to the Mekanisk Fjell. Many PCBs for popular and highly sought-after boards are no longer manufactured after their initial run, making them extremely difficult to obtain.

Tested compatibility with

  • KBD67 REV2
  • Instant65 PCB
  • Savage65 PCB
  • Tada68 PCB
Mounting superiority

Mounting superiority

The Blueberry features the traditional gasket mount, but unlike many boards, flex was a large factor considered. The mounting provides an impressive max flex of 6.5mm while maintaining the lowest front height possible, delivering a very soft, delicate typing experience.

Flex cuts provided on the plates between rows evenly dissipate vibrations and the stiffness of bottoming out.

  • Maximum flexibility: 6.3 mm
  • Typing Angle: 5 degrees